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Understanding the Global Shift, the Popularity of Donald Trump, Brexit and Discontent in the West

The problem is not President Trump, Brexit, Far Right politicians, racism or Islamophobia. It’s the “Global Shift” from America and Europe to China, India and beyond.

As an economist Dr. Mirza is fascinated by the Rise of China from a “dirt poor” country in 1980 to the World’s second largest economy today. This revolutionary achievement has not yet sunk in with Western leaders, economists, the media or the public at large. Imagine living in Europe when Columbus sailed West to find China. European leaders either ignored him or heaped scorn on his bravado. Dr. Mirza believes that Western leaders today are as ignorant of today’s “Global Shift” from West to East as the Eastern leaders of the Ottoman Empire, China and India were, during the 16th-18th centuries of the “Global Shift” then from East to West. This book intends to shed light on that ignorance. It traces the beginning of this “Global Shift” from the Mexican Maquiladoras to China’s SEZs to India’s Call Centres to Indonesia, ASEAN, Brazil and Africa. Dr. Mirza also explains how this “Global Shift” is responsible for the Rise of populism in the West, of President Trump, Brexit and Far Right politicians.