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How the West was Won and Lost

How the West was Won and Lost

Western powers are addicted to stealing and warmongering—and their days at the top of civilization are numbered.

To prove this point, Rocky M. Mirza, Ph.D., traces the rise of the Western powers from the Greek and Roman empires through the Portuguese, Spanish, British, French, German, Italian, and American empires. He argues that the West has:

  • promoted private property over communal property, which has created huge inequalities of wealth.
  • encouraged the production and consumption of goods instead of preserving our planet.
  • exploited Third World workers to satisfy obese citizens addicted to super-size portions.

From the time Portugal found a sea route to India and Spain rediscovered the New World, the West has sought to steal and kill. At first, Muslims in the Middle East and powerful countries in Asia thwarted Western ambitions, but the Industrial Revolution of the eighteenth century changed the landscape.

Instead of building mutually beneficial relationships, Western empires—from the Portuguese to the American—have sought to solely look out for their own interests.

Find out how the balance is shifting in How the West was Won and Lost.