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Motivated and passionate on his rally in educating and wakening the consciousness of the people of today on the honest and reflective meaning of civilization, democracy and freedom, author Rocky M. Mirza, Ph.D., shares his book collection featuring:

How the West was Won and Lost

Western powers are addicted to stealing and warmongering—and their days at the top of civilization are numbered.

To prove this point, How the West was Won and Lost traces the rise of the Western powers from the Greek and Roman empires through the Portuguese, Spanish, British, French, German, Italian, and American empires. The author argues that the West has:

  • promoted private property over communal property, which has created huge inequalities of wealth.
  • encouraged the production and consumption of goods instead of preserving our planet.
  • exploited Third World workers to satisfy obese citizens addicted to super-size portions.

From the time Portugal found a sea route to India and Spain rediscovered the New World, the West has sought to steal and kill. At first, Muslims in the Middle East and powerful countries in Asia thwarted Western ambitions, but the Industrial Revolution of the eighteenth century changed the landscape.

Instead of building mutually beneficial relationships, Western empires—from the Portuguese to the American—have sought to solely look out for their own interests.

Find out how the balance is shifting in this third of a trilogy book.


American Invasions: Canada to Afghanistan, 1775 to 2010

American Invasions: Canada to Afghanistan, 1775 to 2010 is a thought-provoking analysis of the reasons for American invasions and warmongering over the last two centuries. Contrary to the views expressed by the Western media and Western historians, the American empire is not a force for the promotion of free thinking and democracy but instead a force for imperial conquests and imposed dictatorships through the use of a military-industrial complex, fed by the American empire outspending the rest of the world combined on weapons of mass destruction.

The American empire has used and will continue to use the most sophisticated weapons, from nuclear bombs to bunker-busting bombs to land mines to chemical and biological weapons, on defenseless men, women, and children to feed its insatiable appetite for warmongering and imperial expansion. It combines military bases around the world with military prisons used for torture and extraction of information. Its navy patrols every corner of the globe, and its planes can rain down bombs from the heavens on every civilian on the planet.


The Rise and Fall of the American Empire

This objective and rigorous re-visiting of the history of the U.S. as the world’s super imperialist and “mock” democracy comes at an opportune time. The Rise and Fall of the American Empire explains with logical integrity why the world is finally on the right path when it questions the true motives of Americans for invading Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Grenada, Cuba, Nicaragua, Panama, the Philippines, Mexico, Canada and numerous other countries during its short history as a world power. Those motives, far from being its professed motives of spreading democracy and republican values, are those of military industrial complex determined to dominate the world and exploit its resources for the benefit of a small minority of Americans who owns the wealth of the U.S. and exerts economic, military and political power in the U.S.

The book begins with the documentation of the exploitation of First Nations, Black Americans and poor White Americans by small power elite, founded by the landed gentry of Virginia and the merchant class of Massachusetts, Philadelphia and New York. It explains the root cause of racism in the U.S. and the deeply ingrained desire for warmongering in the American psyche. It explains why the position of commander-in-chief has greater importance to American voters than the position of president and why the primary qualification for the job of president is successful warmongering.

The author takes its readers through the complicit aid of England and France in enabling the U.S. to dominate the continent and how failure of European cooperation and two disastrous World Wars in the twentieth century enabled the U.S. to dominate the world. The author also explains how and why the US media supports the domestic and worldwide propaganda which conditions people, especially Americans, to believe the lies of American governments and reject all objective criticisms of US warmongering, commission war crimes around the world, overthrowing of democratically elected governments, installation of ruthless dictators, the spreading of global terrorism and the arming and military training of terrorists. The widely held naivety that the U.S. believes in freedom of the press, free speech and peaceful expression of dissent, makes it difficult, if not impossible to convince people of the ruthless methods used by the U.S. and its military might to crush worldwide democratic dissent.


Understanding the Global Shift, the Popularity of Donald Trump, Brexit and Discontent in the West

The problem is not President Trump, Brexit, Far Right politicians, racism or Islamophobia. It’s the “Global Shift” from America and Europe to China, India and beyond.

As an economist Dr. Mirza is fascinated by the Rise of China from a “dirt poor” country in 1980 to the World’s second largest economy today. This revolutionary achievement has not yet sunk in with Western leaders, economists, the media or the public at large. Imagine living in Europe when Columbus sailed West to find China. European leaders either ignored him or heaped scorn on his bravado. Dr. Mirza believes that Western leaders today are as ignorant of today’s “Global Shift” from West to East as the Eastern leaders of the Ottoman Empire, China and India were, during the 16th-18th centuries of the “Global Shift” then from East to West. This book intends to shed light on that ignorance. It traces the beginning of this “Global Shift” from the Mexican Maquiladoras to China’s SEZs to India’s Call Centres to Indonesia, ASEAN, Brazil and Africa. Dr. Mirza also explains how this “Global Shift” is responsible for the Rise of populism in the West, of President Trump, Brexit and Far Right politicians.